Quality is the pillar of our products

Nanjing Qiaosha Chemical Co, established in 2015 in Nanjing, China, is the Chinese company belonging to LIEBENZELL AG, is a member of CCPIA (China Crop Protection Industry Association)

The company has close relationships with different partners that manufacture products in accordance with our Quality instructions to export them to our markets, always with the main objective of our company, to maintain high quality standards. To achieve this goal, our team is concerned with acquiring the best raw materials for its formulation.

Our Insecticide, Fungicide, and Herbicide formulations are intended for the public health sector and farm-related products.

Additionally we offer for this sprayers and greenhouse plastics.

The quality of our products is controlled by our technicians who follow the steps of the strict measures designed by our Technical Directorate in Switzerland to guarantee the composition and therefore its high efficiency.

In addition, to reinforce our quality control standards, we commission independent professional analysis to confirm our own results.

Finally, the team of Quality Control inspectors of the finished product certify the quality to our export department in QIAOSHA so that it can proceed with the export.

We supply a wide range of products as follows to world markets:

Insecticides, fungicides and herbicides
Public health products
Products for crushing, pulverizers and greenhouse plastics

We are professional in providing excellent pesticide packages with various sizes to market demands. Minimum size available for solid articles is 1g and for liquid it is 10 ml. 

Quality is the cornerstone of our products, controlled by strict measures and steps designed by our headquarters in Switzerland.

Our laboratory and inspectors are testing our products every day to ensure a satisfactory experience for our users.

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