Plastic PP Agricultural Motorized Portable Knapsack Power Mist Duster for Weed Killer

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Plunger Pump transverse- subtend double piston, differential of high pressure drive, double-stroke pump, reduce fluid emitting pulses of high pressure spray to maintain stability, and operations will not have a sense of trembling.
Plunger Pump made of cast aluminum shell, silver metallic paint surface treatment, Solve the problems of previous oxidation, to ensure that the pump strength, stainless steel sleeve inserts, high-hardness wear resistance and corrosion resistance, wear- resistant internal sealing, the piston rubber is chemicals resistant. Beautiful shape, Light weight, and with safety valve, effectively protect the engine and the jet components not overload.
Piston Plunger Pump together with lance have three nozzle and adjustable spray gun for pest control, environmental cleaning, disinfection and epidemic prevention.