CIPERZELL 25 EC is an insecticide of the family - PIRETROID CYPERMETHRIN

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CIPERZELL 25 EC is a non-systemic, non-volatile, pyrethroid insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion. Offers effective insect control and low toxicity to mammals. It has very good effectiveness in Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Hemiptera, within crops.

CIPERZELL 25 EC acts on the insect as a neurotoxin, obstructing the sodium channels of the nerve axons, blocking the transmission of the nerve impulse. In addition to the insecticidal action, it has a repellent and residual effect against insects.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Application equipment must be in good working order, without leaks, and well calibrated. This product can be applied with manual sprinklers, mechanical machines and aerial means depending on the interest. In the latter case, do not apply less than 8 liters per hectare (5.6 L / mz) of total volume. In land applications with manual knapsack pump, follow the “Recommendations for use” observations in the following table. Properly calibrate the discharge of used equipment and make sure the mixture is constantly agitated when applying.

FORM OF PREPARATION OF THE MIXTURE: CIPERZELL 25 EC is a liquid emulsifiable in water. Do not use diesel or other organic solvents. Fill the application tank to half its volume of water; add the recommended dose of the product by putting the agitation or recirculation system to work and finish filling the volume of the application tank with water. The application broth should be used the same day the mix is ​​prepared. It can be applied with any spray equipment that distributes it evenly over the crop. Calibrate the machine to apply the correct dose. The utensils used such as dispensers, bucket, barrels, etc. During the preparation and application of the mixture, they must be washed after each working day, at least three times. Remember to provide ongoing maintenance to the application equipment.
Use the following protective equipment when handling the product, during preparation of the mixture, loading and application: Gloves and rubber boots, mask, goggles, hat and overalls.

APPLICATION INTERVAL: Apply when the first symptoms are observed. The interval between treatments will vary between 14 and 30 days, depending on crops and times of application.

INTERVAL BETWEEN THE LAST APPLICATION AND THE HARVEST: The waiting period until harvest is 7 days for tomatoes, 30 days for corn and 14 days for the rest of the crops.

INTERVAL OF RE-ENTRY TO THE TREATED AREA: 24 hours after application. If it is necessary to enter before you must use personal protective equipment.

Costa Rica – 100ml,250ml,500ml,1L,5L,10L,20L

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