CYPERMETHRIN 25 EC is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, with very good tumbling and residual action. Moderately toxic to humans and pets.

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The mechanism of action of CIPERMETRIN 25 EC is by modification of the nerve fiber, by alteration in the electrical conduction in the sodium channels of these. It is effective against flying and crawling insects.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Before applying, make sure that the application equipment does not contain leaks, is in good working order and properly calibrated, and the protective equipment is in good working order. Properly calibrate the discharge of the equipment used and make sure the mixture is constantly agitated when applying. During handling and application use protective equipment: overalls, nitrile gloves and apron, rubber boots, protective arm covers, protective helmet, goggles and mask.

The mixture is prepared depending on the form of application and the pest to be fought. For cold applications, the product is diluted in water, for thermal applications diesel or diesel or another organic diluent is used. Fill the application tank to half its volume with water or diesel; Add the recommended dose of the product by putting the agitation or recirculation system to work and finish filling the application tank with water or diesel. The application broth should be used the same day the mix is ​​prepared. Once the application is finished, the equipment must be washed. The utensils used such as dispensers, bucket, barrels, etc. During the preparation and application of the mixture, they must be washed after each working day, at least three times. Remember to provide ongoing maintenance to the application equipment.

APPLICATION INTERVAL: For flies: A single application. For mosquitoes: 3-5 days. For bed bugs: 6 months.

PERIOD OF ENTRY TO TREATED AREAS: A waiting time of 2 hours is recommended.

El Salvador: 100mL,250mL,500mL,1L,5L,10L,20L

Nicaragua: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1L,5L,10L,20L

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