BETACIFLUTRINA 12.5 SC is an insecticide belonging to the group of pyrethroids with a broad spectrum of action. It is not systemic, it acts mainly by contact, although it also has a good action by ingestion. It has a fast initial effect and a long residual action, even at low dosages. This action is favored by a repellent effect that delays reinfestation.

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Active Ingredient: BETACIFLUTRIN

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Application equipment must be in good working order, without leaks, and well calibrated. It can be applied by high or low volume equipment. Properly calibrate the discharge of the used equipment and make sure the mixture is constantly agitated when applying. During handling and application use protective equipment: overalls, nitrile gloves and apron, rubber boots, protective arm covers, protective helmet, goggles and mask.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: BETACIFLUTRINA 12.5 SC is recommended to treat insect pests in urban environments and the food industry. Before application, it is recommended to carry out a complete cleaning of the areas to be treated.

APPLICATION INTERVAL: The interval between two applications should be 15 days.

PERIOD OF ENTRY TO THE STRATADAS AREA: A waiting time of 2 hours is recommended.

El Salvador – 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Nicaragua – 100ml, 250ml,5 00ml, 1L

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