GUIJE 32 SC is an AGRICULTURAL FUNGICIDE whose active component is triazole-strobirulin.

GUIJE 32 SC is moderately toxic to fish and crustaceans, and to bees. Do not spill it or dump its containers in rivers, ponds or lakes. Do not exceed the number of recommended applications.

GUIJE 32 SC is persistent and slightly mobile on the ground. It is not persistent in aqueous medium.
Do not throw empty containers or mixture residues on the ground. Do not pollute rivers, lakes, ponds or water sources, both when washing spray equipment and when removing waste. For land application, establish a security strip of 50m without live barriers, and 30m with live barriers, with respect to sensitive areas such as rivers, estuaries and main water bodies that are not intended for human consumption.
This product is toxic to bees, follow the recommendations: do not apply or allow this product to drift to crops or flowering weeds if the bees are visiting the treatment area. Apply at the recommended doses and during hours of inactivity of the bees. Communicate to the beekeepers close to the area so that they take the necessary measures before the application. Do not apply in strong winds to avoid drift. Avoid runoff and runoff.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Cultivation, Rosa (Rosa sp.) Controlling fungus, Powdery mildew (Oidium sp.) Volume of water: 1200 L / ha
Time of application: Preventive and curative application. Treatments are recommended when conditions are favorable for the proliferation of fungi and depending on the degree of infestation of the pest.

FREQUENCY OF APPLICATION: In pink it is recommended to carry out 2 treatments with an interval of 7 days between them, in applications directed to the second third of the plants.
Mode of action: GUIJE 32 SC is a fungicide with preventive, curative, antisporulant action; translaminar and systemic.

MECHANISM OF ACTION: The mechanism of GUIJE32 SC is based on the combined action of both active principles. Tebuconazole, inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol, causing an alteration in the fluidity and permeability of the membrane, which prevents cell growth and replication in fungi. And azoxyestrobin, inhibits the mitochondrial respiration of fungi, through blocking the transfer of electrons between cytochrome B and cytochrome C.

COMPATIBILITY: GUIJE 32 SC It is incompatible with strong acids and alkalis, oxidizing agents, and materials reactive with hydroxyl compounds. Avoid corrosive materials and extreme pH (strong acids and strong bases), less than 3 and greater than 10. Phytotoxicity: It is not phytotoxic at the recommended dose.

EFFECTS ON OTHER CROPS: There is no known detrimental effect on successive crops.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS: Two applications per vegetative cycle of the crop.

APPLICATION METHODS: It is recommended to be used in terrestrial form and in applications directed by foliar spraying, ensuring good coverage of each plant.
Application equipment: It is applied with a motorized knapsack pump with a capacity of 25 liters and JD / J5 cone nozzle. Re-entry period to the treated area: 24 hours after application. If it is necessary to enter before you must use personal protective equipment.
Interval between the last application and the harvest: The waiting period between the application and the harvest does not apply to the cultivation of the rose.


Ecuador: Rose

Packaging: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1L,5L,10L,20L,25L,200L

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