A family holding company based in Switzerland

LIEBENZELL AG is a Swiss holding company, 100% family owned. Today the third generation already works in the group of companies. The entity has several subsidiaries, some of which have been in different markets for more than 30 years.

Crop Science
Pet food
Public health
Fine Chemistry

Our Commitment

Our success is marked by the entrepreneurial spirit, reliability and the high level of commitment of our team. We work with passion in the development of products for the agricultural industry, livestock and public health.

In a shrinking world, with limited resources and a growing population, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers and to the environment: we seek solutions to avoid harmful effects and achieve better returns.

Our goal is to create lasting values ​​and build our relationships with employees, suppliers and customers on this. Through our local technicians, we take care of the most diverse needs of our customers around the world.


LABIOZELL with headquarters in Valencia, Spain, leads the industrial division:

It produces and markets special additives worldwide, such as polyethylene waxes, for PVC, masterbatch, cables, paints, etc.

ZELLAG AG based in Riehen, Switzerland, runs the pesticides division:

It is specialized in herbicides, insecticides and fungicides for agricultural protection in tropical countries (pineapple, banana, coffee, etc.). For some products we manufacture ourselves, other products are manufactured in Asia by partner companies.
We pay special attention to quality control, for which we have developed our own control system to ensure that our customers only receive first-class products.

ZELL CHEMIE INTERNACIONAL SLU, also based in Valencia, Spain:

It is our service company in charge of registering our products in the different ministries of agriculture of the countries in which we operate.

ZELLAG GmbH, based in Lörrach, Germany:

It is our service company responsible for operations (purchasing and logistics) as well as finance and the IT area. He carries the business address of the entire group.

QIAOSHA based in Nanjing, China:

It is responsible for production, quality control and export.


- Industrial division: EU, South America, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan.
- Pesticides: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia.


We are currently working on expanding our markets to countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. There we have already started to register our products and we want to start marketing them shortly.

Out of conviction, and given the growing demand, we are developing the Biocontrol division (organic phytosanitary products) to market them in the countries where we are already working.

Based on this, we are convinced that we are and will continue to be an important and interesting partner for our customers and suppliers.

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